Why You're Wrong About NOS
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If Fast and Furious taught us anything it’s that NOS makes your car go faster. So fast that light can’t keep it so it blurs all around you, warp speed style. But that’s the movies and it’s 2020, so we wanted to find out how NOS really works in today’s age!
And a big thanks to Stephan Papadakis for chatting with us during this video. Go check out his channel @PapadakisRacing !
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  • Konrad Paczek
    Konrad Paczek

    F&F hasn’t used nos in a while until the new F&F movie comes out

  • Deric Cribbs
    Deric Cribbs

    You are wrong. Nitrogen is the Rapidly expanding gas. Combustion of fuel and oxygen creates mostly heat, but the nitrogen rapidly expanding is what pushes the piston. You would make crap for power and a lot of heat with a pure oxygen "atmosphere". I love your channel for trying to educate the average consumer but in this case i hope you will look into this further because it is NECESSARY to have a rapidly expanding gas. I've been running a small wet system (not a kit) from one daily to the next for the last 6 vehichles. You could disassemble it as far as you wanted and never find a fogger or jet. Solenoid might be findable for the sake of easier jetting changes but not when actually put away. Using water/meth or propane for enrichment means no need for different plugs or expensive tanks of 93 or cans of hi octane gas. Bottles can be difficult to hide, so once hidden you may have to design a way to fill it remotely without removal. In addition, poorly hide the typical colorful insert brand name here bottle so that when you start hearing "you couldn't win without the nitrous" you can answer "wanna bet?" Sorry for the rant, ill go back to Sleepin;)

  • Dewey Watts
    Dewey Watts

    Real reason oxygen tanks arent used with internal combustion engines-not found in the video.(Safety)

  • Razgriz81

    Ummm actually man your comment about carburetors being only dry systems and get with the times is wrong man. You lost me on that because I have a system on my Camaro that has a carburetor on it, that is a wet system. I add Nitrous plus extra fuel into my engine after my Carb, and quite frankly it works pretty damn well for a built engine.

  • WB Games
    WB Games

    Ain't nothing like malnourished Gordon Ramsey teaching about nitrogen

  • WB Games
    WB Games

    Ain't nothing like malnourished Gordon Ramsey teaching about nitrogen

  • Christopher Boyett
    Christopher Boyett

    I'm only here to be Bird Friends.

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      brain also had direct port injection ide like to add lol.

  • Losha Olson
    Losha Olson

    Smh ☠️💀

    • Losha Olson
      Losha Olson

      What ?

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      7:45 bro relax...my girlfriend goes on this channel

  • Losha Olson
    Losha Olson

    Chill out with the sponsor

  • ChristofRomould

    for those who have never used Nos. It makes you go faster for a short amount of time, its expensive, if not illegal to use. It runs out fast. Store it in a dry cool place, even then it make leak some so it doesnt last forever. Oh and it can damage your engine/automobile.

  • Shua Leaver
    Shua Leaver

    I run nos on my bmw 1 series and I used to on my r35 GTR

  • Dracken

    I used to run Nitrous on my Hayabusa motorcycle, but was a pain to deal with, between heating the bottle, refilling a small 2lb bottle hidden under the hump often and general not-always-on. When armed, it would only activate at WOT via a safety switch and used the starter button to spray. Dry spider port inject configuration with a 50 shot ( dyno'd at 70 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ). I prefer the turbo I have on it now: more power, all the time.

  • Thomas Buchmueller
    Thomas Buchmueller

    3 reasons to rock a catfish camaro in 2020. 1 heat. 2. heat 3. If you hit it with the body kit you just imagined when you read this it’s basically a flatter charger. low profile

  • Red S0vietArtilery
    Red S0vietArtilery

    People:NOS Me: Go Go juice

  • CaptainXanax

    I had a 99 firebird formula (LS1) with nitrous. It was a 125 shot with a 3000-6000 rpm window switch and a wide open throttle switch, so it could only spray when it was armed, in the rev window and my foot was too the floor. Pressure is also really important when it comes to nitrous so I had a bottle heater that would keep the pressure about 1000 psi. It was a really good setup. Nitrous is like Crack though and you go through bottles like it's going out of style.

  • leohobb leohobb
    leohobb leohobb

    Should get himself another product to sell people than the fool,s grow hear on your head if you have hair loss scam product,s.

  • Merciless Radio
    Merciless Radio

    OMFG! Thank you! You know how many times I have had the NO2 being explosive arguement?

  • Aidan Mcguire
    Aidan Mcguire

    When’s up to speed coming back

  • kolim jone
    kolim jone

    "That's for personal use, officer."

  • Jack Thibeault
    Jack Thibeault

    Anyone who knows anything about cars just Laughs at the fast and the furious its so fake its ridiculous like I wish the producers would have done more research

    • kolim jone
      kolim jone

      The ads b eee cringy but i can't help but watch 😂😂😂

  • Joseph Patton
    Joseph Patton

    7:45 bro relax...my girlfriend goes on this channel

  • J C
    J C

    brain also had direct port injection ide like to add lol.

  • Tristan Rafalko
    Tristan Rafalko

    Hello yeah stuff 4:37

  • Firstname Lastname is allowed
    Firstname Lastname is allowed

    Seeing that information that James gave us at the end with the BUNDLES makes me feel like Martha Stewart when she got that insider info about the stock market. I feel dirty, but I like it!!

  • Patriot with Chevy
    Patriot with Chevy

    Please do a everything you need to know about Oldsmobile cutlass

  • S0UL R3AP3R
    S0UL R3AP3R

    Thought this was TechSmartt

  • Richard DeSimone
    Richard DeSimone

    Okay I don’t get this system at all, why wouldn’t you run 1 forger per injector but ran off separate solenoids wired to 1 switch. From one bottle with a distribution block to help maintain proper pressure through all the lines not just 1 line feeding 4-8 “foggers” seems like even at what 120psi max from a top of the line bottle will still be dispersing unevenly. You didn’t even cover preprimed systems. Like when you see it “squirt out of the hood” that system pre primes the lines for you. There are more factors then ppl think. Just a tiny air bubble in the line anywhere can lead to misfire or engine explosion when cold Oxygen rich air meets hot very hot engine parts and air. A lot to consider with NOS the risk outweighs the performance

  • jeRm

    I see you reading.


    Science garage intro plays

  • Tycho

    is there a difference in certain types of laughing gas (nitrous oxide?) in the Netherlands it is sometimes used as a kind of drug in recent years. The problem is that it is super harmful to the brain due to lack of oxygen. people who breathe it in for too long (from a balloon) without just breathing normal air in between get an iron taste blue lips and eventually even faint. so it seems to me that there is less oxygen in it than in normal air!

  • Firman Aji Utama
    Firman Aji Utama

    so this is why...

  • Bezzy Russell
    Bezzy Russell

    Its not nooossss its "In oh ess"🤦‍♂️

  • Bernhard Götzendorfer
    Bernhard Götzendorfer

    This video just helped me in class to pass the test XD THX donut

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    Indeed NOS is powerful enough to give this mans eyebrows life and speed of their own

  • artistwithouttalent

    I'm glad we have a successor to Science Garage.

  • Dre's Vision
    Dre's Vision

    The ads b eee cringy but i can't help but watch 😂😂😂

  • George price
    George price

    Nobody: Me: “Pod racer” on Naboo, not speed racer. That was a kid with a chimp.

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      You look like Conan

  • Jace Cadiz
    Jace Cadiz

    that's right family

  • Matt Jones
    Matt Jones

    I was told many years ago by an old drag racer that said nitrous uses the oxygen with the fuel for a bigger more intense combustion but the nitrogen in the mix pushes the piston down also when the mix splits atoms creating more of a power stroke, hotter bigger combustion and the cooling of the liquid.

  • Finley Nyhus
    Finley Nyhus

    Remember when James did these

    • soiung toiue
      soiung toiue

      Stop saying "noss".

  • Allan Simard
    Allan Simard

    Nice video !! The bundle thing at the end killed me !! 😂😂😂

  • CarbonLake

    How to make these type of animation.

  • 321Joel!

    Please explain to us: "headlights" Their history. Maybe how they work.

  • Dan Sotelo
    Dan Sotelo

    Bought me a like new1992 5.0 Mustang back in 93. I personally installed a #2 flowmeter exhaust system, headers, a pulley set and a dry NOS kit in one weekend. GOD I never had so much fun in my life!!! And the exhaust music it made was just out of this world. Your story made me young again... THANKS

  • ceerw buty
    ceerw buty

    I set a goal when i was younger that my car would have nitrous before i turned 20 and i reached that goal at the age of 19 😎

  • D Roman
    D Roman

    5:13 is the ONLY reason I watched this video. Power: **MORE**

  • ableduhbest

    I have bats can I still be your bird friend

    • ceerw buty
      ceerw buty

      i know thart seen sumo i watched too drirft one million times



  • Youngjay Beatz
    Youngjay Beatz

    You should dev put some in your catfish thinking about buying one and doing it myself 👀

  • Harshit Suthar
    Harshit Suthar


  • bouytt guyt
    bouytt guyt

    Didn’t Brian have “direct port nitrous injection” according to Jesse, and a “standalone fuel management system” according to Dom?

  • shahrukh md
    shahrukh md

    You look like Conan

  • Richard Forhurholes
    Richard Forhurholes

    We used to race street / super stocks ans modifieds, and boy howdy when they use a sneaky pete, everyone can smell it 😆

  • ShunbunNoHi

    Ohh Nos! I thought this was about N.O.S. 😳

    • ShunbunNoHi

      @bouytt guyt "new old stock"

    • bouytt guyt
      bouytt guyt

      Duh it's a movie

  • JacksonStorm 20
    JacksonStorm 20

    i use my fart instead of nitrous a lot cheaper tho lol

  • sweatyboyjosh


  • Justin Belshe
    Justin Belshe

    Stop saying "noss".

  • Joshua Felty
    Joshua Felty

    That part was so erotic!!!! 7:40

  • eioshen boboi
    eioshen boboi

    It's 2020. Why are we still sounding like ricers and calling it "NOS" and not "nitrous"

  • Cristian Navarro
    Cristian Navarro

    Am I the only one who misses science garage guy?

  • Adam Kubacki
    Adam Kubacki

    More power and more gas doesn't equal in more power. It equals MO POWA BABEH it's basic math Jeremaiah !

    • eioshen boboi
      eioshen boboi

      "changed" expecialy not if its a closed engine system loop It does not comply to any thing not even regular chemistry hydrogen engines for exampel existed long time before

  • Vencedor Uberstar
    Vencedor Uberstar

    I'm not currently running a Turbocharger or Nitrous, but I plan on it soon going into the next year, but I want to run one of those Nitrous systems that has sprayer lines, that you can mount on/in the intercooler.

  • Gaming Trig
    Gaming Trig

    i know thart seen sumo i watched too drirft one million times

  • Nicholas Pignatari
    Nicholas Pignatari

    I got a 1981 camaro with a chevy crate 350. Was thinking of a 50 shot just to pep it up some. Maybe 100.

  • anthonyk

    Nitrous is much safer nowadays people still think it's dangerous but it's gotten very safe nowadays

  • bombastic

    hey im watching this again just to say I actually did buy bird food LOL like actually.

  • Scuba Steve
    Scuba Steve

    Used NOS on very hot track days to cool the intercooler.

  • Drug Dealer
    Drug Dealer

    no offense but this guys voice gives me headaches and his episodes are just shit

    • P A N D A
      P A N D A



    Duh it's a movie

  • haight75

    Ewwww birds friends? Gross... Maybe bird buddies, never bird friends. NEVER!

  • dcoog anml
    dcoog anml

    Science teachers should show this when they talk about nitro

  • Josh Cook
    Josh Cook

    Birds aren't real

  • Caleb Davidhizar
    Caleb Davidhizar

    First, it's not called "NAWS" You spell out the letters so it's N.O.S.

  • Eddy Plays
    Eddy Plays

    Kids.......I have kids in my basement

  • Dylan Grenier
    Dylan Grenier

    POD* racers, from Naboo

    • dcoog anml
      dcoog anml

      For years I was kinda against Nitrous Oxide. I use to always say bottles are for babies. But as I learned more I've come to see it is a useful tool for HP gains. I think because m

  • xsniper1

    We don't scuba dive with pure oxygen either. For most recreational diving it's just air. It's filtered really well so you don't get contaminants in your lungs. Using pure oxygen is not safe and causes oxygen toxicity. There are other exotic mixtures using nitrogen, helium, and hydrogen that's are used in more commercial or technical settings. Oxygen is then used in small quantities in these settings to reduce decompression times.

  • Anthony Nichols
    Anthony Nichols

    I love donut media. I dislike hearing this voice tho.

  • Devil's Wish
    Devil's Wish

    gasoline evaporates at room temperature a charge send to plaits for exampel selenoid will speed up evaporation ore slow it down that is considered as a magnetic pump ore in re verse form a de-compresor what peopel dont understand is if you adding inurt gases to a combustion engine he is no more a combustion engine like normaly presented expecialy not if it is dual ignition involved those more inurt gases will increase compresion ratio inside the cilinders what will result in more power generated even tough the engine displament is fizicaly still the same if you ceap fuel in centrain temperatures it wont evaporate that is if you want economy if you want speed you need increase flow faster the truth is you dont need air at all if it is in liqued form substances in gasoline alredy oxydise by them self so the theory that air going in the engine is enailated expecialy if you consider lead additives who prevent oxydation at high temperatures peopel shuld study pre ignition and cold diseling in gasoline engines if they are hot enough ore if they meat centrain conditions a gasoline engine becomes a disel engine meaning no spark plugs and other things expecialy if you remove senzors and governourse it is posibel the claim that it is not posibel more power is false lean burning engines need higher ignition power considering plazma ignition and plazma generators at exaust manifold you get that power see in history ore wikipedia what strling engines are ore wacum engines ore steam engines some thing like that your tipical engine isnt realy working on gasoline tought look at the 2stroke engine there is a relation chip about hot and cold air the spark has nothing to do with the runing ability of a car I wuld not go that fare but the truth is diferent no a problem if you inject actualy those gases like dual injectors with for exampel alcohole are you shure that you can not get more power? yes you can expecialy on universal motors who actualy are called hot/cold runing engines,multi grade fuel engines,multi porpuse operation engines, internal/externar operated engines,singel/multi ignition engines, half gasoline half disel engines etc. they have lot names mostly known as GM,Opel,Holden,Suzuki,Isuzu and similar brands who have build in driled hole's for their engine head valves so when puleys and belts get destroyed nothing will hapen to the engine those engines are used literaly evry where from marine,aero,car,bikes,generators aplications so expect lot more than just school crap from those engines you can tune ore de tune them how ever you want they are bulet prof if peopel cosider the pap engine,stanley mayer,closed exaust system engines you get the idea the simpel form of molecular mass manipulation dont think so?how a submarine work with out fuel?there is your school sience out the door a simpel engine is alredy a hibrid what peopel didnt figure out you can use chemic,thermal,electric/magnetic,hidraulic,pneumatic even hell biological means of creating power it does not have to by fuel as "energy source" I belive peopel shuld read wikipedia and read actualy and anilise those long forgoten inventors what they have to say about those claims in my opinion that air fuel ratio crap does not apply at all if altered "changed" expecialy not if its a closed engine system loop It does not comply to any thing not even regular chemistry hydrogen engines for exampel existed long time before gasoline and disel engines peopel run at all cinde of crap so good video and all but that litel chat dont comply to acint old timers and young timer engines "experimental engines" the rotary engine for exampel existed long time ago and the actual claimed inventor didnt build it at all he copyed that idea like many peopel did in the past

  • john jennings
    john jennings

    Nitromethane! Enough said.

  • tioz01

    still don't know why I'm wrong

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  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    This video is incorrect. NOS = Button then: More POWER BABY

  • Mk3 Vr666
    Mk3 Vr666

    Nitros oxide is NOT laughing gas and you will likely die if you inhale it btw

    • Redtooth 75
      Redtooth 75

      Laughing gas is nitrous oxide, but the stuff most people can buy has sulfur added to prevent people from huffing it.

  • Onkar Deshpande
    Onkar Deshpande

    dont shoot at 1.8 or 2.8 my guys

  • Freackedman

    when you actually learned a lot of stuff about no2 in nfs underground 1 and that IT DOES NOT RECHARGE

  • James Fry
    James Fry

    Rule #1 about talking about Nitrous. DO NOT CALL IT "NOS" *Cringe*

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

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  • Miguel

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  • Darrell Jones
    Darrell Jones

    Love me some Uncle Jerry! Seriously great stuff, as always. Keep it up!

  • Michael Doucet
    Michael Doucet

    For years I was kinda against Nitrous Oxide. I use to always say bottles are for babies. But as I learned more I've come to see it is a useful tool for HP gains. I think because my dad was always a Supercharger guy it was just pushed on me to hate Nitrous and Turbos. I'm still more of a Supercharger guy but my eyes are more opened to Turbos and Nitrous now that I'm older and I have formed my own opinions. I no longer follow 100% in my dads foot steps when it comes to cars.


    It’s all fun and games til you blow the motor into oblivion

  • El Mafico
    El Mafico

    When we will see nitros in F1 I dont have time to wait

  • El Mafico
    El Mafico

    What is the largest nitro bottle in the world..I would like to have in my car 50 liter nitro bottle..

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    The best part of nos is it's great taste and good energy boost.

  • Liberty Prime
    Liberty Prime

    nitromethane is cooler tho

  • Red Andres
    Red Andres

    Love you uncle jerry 💚

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Engineer standpoint : it does not make any sense to say liiquid oxygen can’t exist above a given temperature... it depends on the pressure.

  • A J
    A J

    Why is my screen black

  • Marc Berllioz
    Marc Berllioz

    Ok everyone. I must make it official: Jesse, James and Nolan are the ONLY guys on this beautiful-green planet who can make me laugh, watching a commercial about hair loss. Hell, I even thinking about buying that stuff. And I'm not even close to lose any hair at all! So, congrats for that yo boys!

  • TheLastxM3xican

    The nitrous in my 350z make my car go vroom. It’s definitely a fun addition when you make 360 whp compared to 260 whp stock.

  • Miguel JimeneZ
    Miguel JimeneZ