7 Perfect Project Cars That AREN’T a Miata
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Miata is always the answer, right? Dead wrong! We put together this list of 7 lightweight sports cars and they’re all cheap, plentiful, have a ton of aftermarket support, and most importantly: they’re not Miatas. This is D-List!
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  • therealtopher

    James we need chappie 2.0

  • James Jones
    James Jones

    Look out for that crankwalk woo

  • MR.N Studios
    MR.N Studios

    Ok. BRB imma go work on my Miata.

  • Angel

    No Miata for life

  • koen carter
    koen carter

    PLEASE DONUT 🍩 Make a full version of "do the Crankwalk boi" song. My God that would be incredible!!!

  • Eli Mullen
    Eli Mullen

    Civic easy to steal huh? Guess it’s the best budget option too!

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl

      Everyone else: talks about Miata and civic Me: why does dell not make USB A laptops anymore?


    “Crank walk,,, ohhhhhh.. I even understand how the f&ck my crank locked, now I gotta walk cause my crank walked.”

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl


  • M.A.

    Do that crankwalk

  • AceVonLitchenstein

    No 2JZ option Donut, I’m disappointed

  • Russell Upwood
    Russell Upwood

    Great project car I’ve got at the moment , 2002 Toyota MR2? ! Prove me wrong !

  • Metzinenze

    The swedish version would definetly include the volvo 240, 740 and 940. They are everywere here

  • Jeremy Smith
    Jeremy Smith

    Wow. I had an eclipse in 97 and now have a fox body.

  • Max Myslewski
    Max Myslewski

    thank god. don’t tell them about B5s

  • Steven Hamilton
    Steven Hamilton

    I'd take the 4.0 from the cherokee over any BMW inline 6.

  • Mazhiwe Zakizo
    Mazhiwe Zakizo

    Modding alot of the A's and S's lines from Audi is a fairly big market too. Pretty big across the all the lines and generations.

  • Wolf Gaming
    Wolf Gaming

    james you forgot the AE86

  • Jurgy 3
    Jurgy 3

    Please make a video hyping up the BMW E90. I need it to appreciate in value. Thanks.

  • payne

    Got myself a e36 328i Coupe 1 montj ago

    • payne

      @Ailsa Ni I got it for 8k in germany

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      Umm how much you said the BMW e36 was for because I only find like 12k-20k

  • Fantum Pai
    Fantum Pai

    You lost me when you said Porch(e). It's supposed to be said as you say "Posch" just with an "r" after "o"

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      More sticker packs please!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • Matt Brooks
    Matt Brooks

    The 4G63 that had the crankwalk issue was from the 95-97 4G63 which is also known as a 7 bolt engine referring to the number of bolts holding the flywheel to the crank

  • bcvbb hyui
    bcvbb hyui

    James saying “I love you at the end”. I felt that

  • Ismael E
    Ismael E


  • Extreme Jayden
    Extreme Jayden

    Everyone else: talks about Miata and civic Me: why does dell not make USB A laptops anymore?

  • Khem Kush
    Khem Kush

    No love for the almighty N54?

  • Russell 1520
    Russell 1520

    I have a 1.9L BMW 318ti. Dope or nope for project car?

    • Russell 1520
      Russell 1520

      @bcvbb hyui so no?

    • bcvbb hyui
      bcvbb hyui

      The car market here in USA its so limited, i keep hearing these same names and its boring

  • James P
    James P

    Surprised the 94-04 mustang didn’t make the list . Parts are plentiful and has a good aftermarket . It can be had for a fraction of some of the cars listed on the video .

  • ZeoRaptor

    As someone who's had 12 DSMs, that crankwalk song is now my ring tone!

  • Aiden Kolesnikoff
    Aiden Kolesnikoff

    Everyone I know who has bought any golf's have had the worst experiences with cars I've ever witnessed. All my mechanics said to never touch them. I could not believe the sheer number of things that went wrong with them on a weekly basis. My closest mate still hasn't had his on the road longer then a week and he cannot sell it.

  • justus alex
    justus alex

    In europe ist a bit hard to get a mustang foxbody

  • qopoy dnon
    qopoy dnon

    let me turn on subtitles so i can understand better subtitles: "tons of boos" ight now I'm sad and with no boos

  • Rasperss _
    Rasperss _

    Bought my e36 last year. Drift tax will skyrocket on these things

  • Marjorie Garcia
    Marjorie Garcia

    More sticker packs please!! 🙏🏼🙏🏼

    • qopoy dnon
      qopoy dnon

      The way he says Nissan really irks me

  • Dennis

    Umm how much you said the BMW e36 was for because I only find like 12k-20k

  • Alan Urena-Neri
    Alan Urena-Neri

    First time i seen him standing its wierd

  • Reece Brown 123
    Reece Brown 123

    Nice 'dell' computer

  • Marky Bonilla
    Marky Bonilla

    Bro!!! I’d hold the car for you guys! You guys are dope!

  • Raw Music Archive
    Raw Music Archive

    We need James to do a video on the ls5 ls6 and ls7. Not the modern Gen3-4 either but the 1970’s engines from the corvette and chevelle SS ect. The history of them and if they have any relation to modern LS platform. No body covers this as a whole and I feel most people today don’t even know they exist or what they are.

  • Wade S.
    Wade S.

    7th gen civics are garbage, dont ever get one of those

  • •Kriss-Oferr•

    The car market here in USA its so limited, i keep hearing these same names and its boring

  • Daniel Impson
    Daniel Impson

    FWD < RWD. So miata is still the answer

  • ScreamingSeagull Gaming
    ScreamingSeagull Gaming

    Being "c00chie man" I am built different so I do need a different car

  • R8GE

    im 5'7 im short so what cars are good for both short and tall people?

  • Omer Carrothers
    Omer Carrothers

    Was that lowered Tiguan in sponsored segment?


    Here's my dream track-day car, and it's kinda weird. I'd want a '92 hatchback Foxbody -LS swap it for weight reduction mainly, and just a good all-round set of bolt-ons for maybe around 400-500hp (don't need it to be boosted) -Change the whole rear end so I can have a good independent setup for grip -Fuel cell in the back for mainly weight distribution -Whatever custom body modifications I need to do in order to have better handling (likely an under-tray and diffuser, ducktail or wing, and a splitter) -Obviously I'm gonna need some good brakes and suspension, so probably Brembo and Bilstein as well as some light weight rims -I'd imagine I'd need around something like 305s in the rear and 285s in the front, but perhaps a little bigger in the rear (like I said, I'm down for whatever body modifications I need to do) -Roll cage is obviously a must and also a fire extinguisher for safety I imagine after all of that, the car would probably be somewhere around 2800-3000lbs with good power and grip.


    Dumb Question: How many of these things are RWD? I know the BMW, Porche, and Foxbody Mustang are... but what about the rest? I feel like if you're a real car guy FWD is just unacceptable. Then again I really don't know much about import stuff, more of a big ol V8 american muscle car guy. Donut should do a video on every vehicle that's RWD for awareness.

  • James Aters
    James Aters

    80s Monte Carlo SS are good cars to not so stupid Honda's in crap you're talking about

  • bbblahoo7

    E46 for me. Fun stock and ton of suport. Get one before they ge expensive and make sure you do NOT get a sulev which means the gas tank is sealed and u cant replace fuel pump... i think

  • Erosennin789

    The way he says Nissan really irks me

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu

    "I'd say go for a Mk3 which is my person favorite, I've owned about 16 of them, or a Mk4" The picture for the Mk4: B A L L S

  • AlecTheMotorGuy

    If you still want a P car and you can’t afford a 944 there is a thing called a 924S 😂

  • Kaythen Tut
    Kaythen Tut

    Y’all forgot the foxbodys

    • oiuet souiu
      oiuet souiu

      Miata is Best car ever

  • kris m
    kris m

    WHY IS THERE NO 240!!!

  • EVO4 JK
    EVO4 JK

    The crankwalk song!! Noooooooo!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Clesarie

    Lmao good luck getting that DSM gst/gsx anymore guys. You'll spend $10k to get one thats not a pos and then another $6k into it to be fast and realiable. Or you could just buy a used evo in the first place.

  • Tyler Norton
    Tyler Norton

    Why would you say something so controversial, yet so brave?

  • Jonathan Patterson
    Jonathan Patterson

    If you guys do decide to go with a 944 let me know, I'll build you a gorgeous engine for it.

  • ThatGuy0516

    I’m so glad the g35 is so neglected it keeps them nice and cheap and it’s the same shit as 350z

  • JediSpaghetti

    fuuuck why do people press so hard on markers when writing aahhhh it kills my soul to hear that sound

  • Wade Stanion
    Wade Stanion

    DSM's are not plentiful anymore. Also, the Crank walk issue is more prominent with the 7 bolt engine, not the 6 bolt. However, if you aren't a retard about building your engine, you shouldn't have a crank walk issue. That is all.

  • Sean P
    Sean P

    I'm planning to buy a 350z when I save up the money. Any advice and things I should expect? Other than less than average gas mileage and it being an oil guzzler

  • Ailsa Ni
    Ailsa Ni

    volvo 240 is the damn best project car ever. -cheap (atleast where i live) -rwd -easy to work on -has alot of potential -swedish power -looks sick

  • FortisProcer

    I modded a 240 and my roommate modded a Z3. We should have made a video about it but that I6 is insane. He dropped in a fully built, N/A, 9k RPM, 400WHP.... in his Z3.

  • Joshua Mahalic
    Joshua Mahalic

    James saying “I love you at the end”. I felt that

  • Dat Hokage
    Dat Hokage

    2012 mustang v6 is my daily driver project car

    • Ailsa Ni
      Ailsa Ni

      A little bit more could get you a C5 Z06. That’s far from a Miata.

  • Jrock

    I actually like the way the eclipses look tbh

  • Chris Allen 383
    Chris Allen 383

    Id like to see what they think are the top project trucks

  • Turbo Boiii
    Turbo Boiii

    Miata is Best car ever

  • Douglas Jay
    Douglas Jay

    Looking for advice to boost my 2016 Mazda CX-5 AWD to 250hp. Without dropping a turbo. Same engine as the new 2021 Mazda 3 so I know it can handle the boost just don't have the money for a whole turbo kit and install

  • Parrish Turner
    Parrish Turner

    Can we please get some mini truck coverage?!?

  • Mohamed Abdalhamid
    Mohamed Abdalhamid

    Talk about 1st & 2nd Gen of lexus gs300

  • Dan Hazard
    Dan Hazard

    I needs that Crank Walk song on my playlist, make it yo

  • Andrew Michel
    Andrew Michel


  • Gerrick Steve
    Gerrick Steve

    im not sure if anyone has made this observation, (but it's extremely likely) James Pumphrey >>> Phames Jumprey it's a stretch but i've been subbed to donut long before you cried on camera coincidence???

  • Costro WOT Blitz
    Costro WOT Blitz

    What about 240z?

  • asioe kiou
    asioe kiou

    I can smell a 1 hour loop of crankwalk on the horizon

  • Ryan Keefer
    Ryan Keefer

    You guys actually have the BEST ads I've ever seen. Thank you for that

  • Seth Hamby
    Seth Hamby

    2:20 Why are you’re hands so big?

  • Jay Randolph
    Jay Randolph

    I absolutely loved my E36. I really miss mine. To be honest m, I have no idea why I got rid of it.

  • NutandBoltGuy

    A little bit more could get you a C5 Z06. That’s far from a Miata.

    • asioe kiou
      asioe kiou

      How to buy the starter bundle that james showed. It's my first time to buy. I need help Thank you for the help

  • Mattie BarNone
    Mattie BarNone

    I would say any of the Nissan B13/14/15 or P10/11. There was an entire book written about these in the early 2000's. And hey, they all (minus B15) came with the SR20DE!

  • Jackson Tint
    Jackson Tint

    I got a 1g dsm based on this video and it is freaking amazing

  • E4 Will23
    E4 Will23

    I bought a 944 with the motor pulled 3 years ago for 100 dollars. Got the motor, sold it. Then put a aluminum ls engine in it making about 350 herspers. By far the best thing I've driven and the garage game is extensive. I also have a na 944 that I drive all the time. Please do a 944 on donut. . .please

  • Pax Humana
    Pax Humana

    Hey, @Donut Media et al, I have a series of cars that are also surprisingly good, as well as variable, project cars that are easily affordable and they too are some vehicles that came out of the Diamond Star Motors partnership between Chrysler and Mitsubishi and the cars are the Second Generation Dodge Challenger, the Plymouth Sapporo, the Mistubishi Starion, the Mitsubishi Colt Starion, the Plymouth Omni 024, the Fifth Generation Dodge Charger, the Second Generation Plymouth Duster, the First Generation Plymouth Laser/Chrysler Laser, the Second Generation Dodge Daytona, the Plymouth Turismo, and, the rarest of the lot, the Chrysler Conquest, oh, and you want some small truck versions of the vehicle, then there are the Dodge Ram D50, Plymouth Arrow, Dodge Rampage, the Second Generation Plymouth Scamp (a.k.a., the truck version of the Plymouth Scamp, not the car version), the Mitsubishi Mighty Max, the Mitsubishi Forte, the Mitsubishi L200, the Mitsubishi Rodeo, the Mitsubishi Colt, the Mitsubishi Storm, the Mitsubishi Magnum, the Mitsubishi L200 Strakar, and a whole other host of variants, and then there are the most notorious relatives of the Mitsubishi Starion, which are the Dodge Omni, Plymouth Horizon, Plymouth Horizon TC3, the Chrysler Horizon, the Simca-Talbot Horizon, and, the most awesome out of the box variants, the Dodge-Shelby Omni GLH and the Dodge-Shelby Omni GLHS, as in, yes, Carroll Shelby. Moreover, they are actually just as, if not cheaper, than a Porsche 944, they also have many of the features of both the DSM Triplets (or, technically, Quadruplets if you also count a European variant in the Eunos Cosmo, so, technically, it would be the Dodge Stealth, Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, and the Eunos Cosmo, or DMEE Quaduplets) and the Porsche 944, plus they also have even more versatility that the various members of the BMW E36 family. You can go from making set ups that you would find in a Dodge/Plymouth/Chrysler Neon, particularly the Dodge Neon SRT-4 variant, to slapping in a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution set up of any generation, or even go full bore and slap down a Hemi, Hellcat, Demon, or Hellephant crate engine kit, as well as upgrade, and retool, the vehicle into becoming a snarling road beast, so, basically, you have a base set of cars that are like the Eevee of the car world, that is, not only it has a variety of body styles, but that it also has a lot of compatibility, versatility, and adjustability with a variety of options...it can be a rally car, it can be a rally truck, it can be a tuner car, it can be a tuner truck, it can be a drift car, it can be a drift truck, it can be a race track car, it can be a race track truck, it can be a muscle car, it can be a muscle truck, it can be a hot hatch, it can be a drag car, it can be a drag truck, and, yes, sure, you can even turn it into a donk, muscle car, low rider, or monster truck! However, the point is that this Chrysler-Mitsubishi family of cars is, more often than not, a very affordable family of vehicles and yet hardly anyone thinks that they are the perfect project vehicle to start for the first time project car builder, or first time vehicle owner, and that is a shame. What do you all think about my suggestions for overlooked project vehicles? Please let me know what you all think in a replying comment to this one, and, yes, that includes any and all members of Donut Media...thank you.

  • David Berger
    David Berger

    The first time I ever rewatched an advertisement because I was laughing so hard

  • Shawn Noyes
    Shawn Noyes

    That Twin story immediately made me think of "Better Off Dead". Which was probably in theatres when you were losing that race. -Shawn

  • Master Of Juice
    Master Of Juice

    Haven't watched it yet, but the second one from the top when they're blurred is a 350z.

  • Andrew Spragg
    Andrew Spragg

    Buying a house is cooler Ummmmmmmm James can you race a house?????

  • SpaceMan

    I was 1 car in and realized I'd already watched this ep. Watched it again anyway. Btw watching that 944 be rebuilt would've been a show I'd tune it for.

  • Cool Guy 73
    Cool Guy 73

    the 944 is so beautiful

  • Tiago Blanquet
    Tiago Blanquet

    Totally agree on the e36, but sad the w30 mr2 isnt on the list

  • Nuno Garrido
    Nuno Garrido

    Mk4 golf 1.9tdi you should try one😂🔥

  • J J bruh
    J J bruh

    This was helpful but im stuck between the eclipse and the 350z which one should u get

  • Thomas Staveley
    Thomas Staveley

    How to buy the starter bundle that james showed. It's my first time to buy. I need help Thank you for the help

  • lul blace
    lul blace

    James provoked a gang war

  • SamuraiRaicing

    Miatas is so best cars. Me love miatas.

  • Cooper Long
    Cooper Long

    The '97 E36 track car (M52B28) and '00 Z3 (M52TUB28) in my garage approve of this message

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy

    Me: Math can't be controversial. James: Hold my beer. 10>4 = Civic>Miata

  • MPorto wrx
    MPorto wrx

    Anyone want my '87 944S? XD

  • Stephen Maxwell Fuks
    Stephen Maxwell Fuks

    If you get a dsm, know there's 2 variants of the 4g63, the first two years have the "6 bolt" (because it has 6 bolts connecting the crank and flywheel), the 6 bolt is the one to get as it can handle more power and isn't prone to crankwalk. Also if you're wondering the later engines are known as the 7 bolt. Also I would add to this list the audi a4 b5 (amazing and beautiful car, I have an s4 and I love it, but the a4 is cheaper, still has great potential, and handles better than the s4), the audi tt 225, as well as the 330ci e46, corvette c4, and the mazda rx8 if you want something more interesting, but still pretty practical

  • B&B Explorations
    B&B Explorations

    I didn't know the Laser would be on here I own 1991 Plymouth Laser RS

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy

      Nice my little e36 is top lol